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Joining the Linsanity

Just watched this guy play for the first time tonight, after two weeks of hearing about him CONSTANTLY while I was in China. He's really that good, and he's kind of cute. ;) Feel free to use the icon if you are also linsane.

Just Before College...

I found my old LJ, and this lovely entry I wrote the day before going off to college. I want my childhood back. ;_;

August 25, 2007

So this morning, my mom comes into my room at 7:00 to wake me up so I can pack for college, and she notices a little index card lying on the bed next to me. "What's this?" she asks me, and I'm like, "What's what?" Then she looks at the index card for a LONG time and says, "Is this Dumbledore?"

I laughed so hard that I nearly fell off the bed. It was only a REALLY quick sketch of him that I did on an index card two days ago. I actually shoved it under some of the crap on the corkboard above my bed when my dad was inspecting my room the other day, but it somehow came loose. And obviously, there was no hole from a pin.

At first, she starts laughing too. Then this sort of dreadful realization dawns on her and she's like, "No! You sleep with this?" I try to convince her that it was on my corkboard, not my bed, but there's no pinhole so she won't believe me.

So I'm guessing she was thinking of how I went from being an A student to a C student in one summer after I became obsessed with Remus Lupin. Then it was some anime characters, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Faramir. I was determined to keep this new one from her, but she found out on her own.

Yes, indeed, she was right. I am madly in love with a fictional 156-year-old wizard who is already dead and I'm leaving for college tomorrow. Please wish me luck.



Pic spam behind the cut. My eyes are so happy right now.

Haddock/Tintin huh?

Can someone explain this Haddock/Tintin pairing to me? It looks SO HAWT in fanart, but I can't get myself to watch the movie because Tintin is so fugly. Also not into the comic style at all. Someone please convince me to ship them. I want to so bad but I can't. D:

My Favorite Borat Clip

LOL posted this to Flowers for Sasha and deleted it 5 seconds later. Hope no one saw. XD


Wowowowowowowowow :)

Gay Fiction Recs?

I HATE stories where one of the guys--in his mid 20s or 30s and supposedly "straight"--who turns into a gay sissy upon meeting sexy fag boy. Wtf. I know lots of gay guys like to fantasize about doing that to a straight guy, but really? It's getting old in fiction, and it's never going to actually happen.

Hot straight guys don't fall for gay boys. Too many hot girls to choose from. The end.

I'm not saying bisexuality doesn't exist (although that's perfectly arguable, for men in particular). It's just that I'm sick of it being such a popular theme when it's so rare in real life. Anyway, I'm dying for some good gay fiction, but I haven't been able to find any with interesting characters or story lines. And by interesting, I mean characters who are NOT: "straight", emo, successful in the publishing industry (that's getting old too), a surfer, a dancer, a masseuse (yes, I've seen this more than once), etc etc etc... unless there's some kind of a twist that makes the character less predictable.

Actually, I find there's this pattern with educated gay men--maybe I'm stereotyping, but I don't think I am. After reading gay books and watching gay movies, I get the sense that they try too hard to fit into this fantasy they've created. It's too self-conscious and too perfect (after all, gay men are perfectionists, right?). It's obvious they want a certain reaction from the audience, and most of the time, they manage to get it. Everything is cued and scripted; the characters are all made from cookie-cutters. And often, there's a lot of gratuitous detail thrown in, as if to make up for the fantasy scenarios. I don't want to read about a character shaving in the morning. Or taking out the trash. Those details don't make a story more realistic--they're just boring. Does anyone else feel this way?

Maybe I'm looking for literature. Yes, that's it--I'm looking for gay literature. But more like borderline literature/trashy romance, because if a plot doesn't blow me away, I'd rather the author just get on with the romance and not try to make it anything more. :3

Anyway, if you just happen to come across this entry, I would be forever grateful if you could recommend me a good book with gay characters!

Oct. 21st, 2011

Just applied to be a barista at Starbucks. For some reason, I'm ridiculously excited about this. COFFEE!!! :D